Violet Says What???

Posted: October 17, 2011 in Bands, Shows/Events

I make plans to see Mambo Sauce whenever they come to NoVA and their show at Fat Tuesdays this weekend was no exception. While Mambo Sauce was as amazing as ever, the standout performance of the night was Violet Says 5. My band had a chance to play with these guys a few years ago but I don’t remember their show being anything like the set I saw this Saturday. It was tight, full of energy and the songs were catchy as hell.

The sound feels fresh but familiar. There’s some Frusciante-esque guitar and enough funk for any Chili Peppers fan but the vocals really help set it apart. The lead tends to be more R&B than the straining-ramble of Keidis. The production of the material is also quite strong. It’s lean and never feels overblown or gratuitous. I don’t know enough about the band to give you a recommendation on their best record but I logged about 2hrs on MySpace, YouTube and their website and would recommend downloading “Lo High” ASAP.

Favorite Tracks: Lo High, Who’s the Man
Where to Find Them:
Next Show: November 12th @ Sonar / Baltimore, MD

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