Not Just Another Post-Punk Indie Band…

Posted: September 19, 2011 in Bands, Reviews

I don’t think it’s possible to count the number of bands in DC claiming to be influenced by post-punk these days. At best they are bland, boring ghosts of their influences with no appeal or substance. That’s why Dance for the Dying was such a surprise. I’ll admit that I’ll fall for anything with Peter Hook or Simon Gallup influenced bass lines but there is so much more to the songs than that – personality, depth, atmosphere, great lyrics and hand claps for God’s sake.

What’s nice is that they’re taking chances. Sure they’re using synths and some Bernard Sumner-like guitar but these songs are unusually anthemic. The choruses are huge and you will be compelled to sing along with them immediately. While the production is excellent, it is decidedly indie and I think the songs could be better served with a bigger sound. All in all this is a phenomenal set of songs and I’m glad they’re from our town.

Favorite Tracks: Death in the Garden, El Monstro
Where to Find Them:
Next Show: October 7th @ Velvet Lounge, DC

  1. Mick Sexton says:

    We played with them recently at The Black Cat, they had an awesome set, a lot of fun to dance to. Dug the key-tar as well 🙂

  2. […] thanks to Hijacked DC for saying such nice things about us. You are going to make us blush. They are a great local blog […]

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